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Talent-based thinking patterns during COVID-19 challenge

Updated: Feb 16, 2021

A light-hearted (positive) look at the 34 CliftonStrengths thinking patterns in reaction to COVID-19:

The Do-ers

  • Achiever – “There goes my to-do list, at least working from home can be more productive.”

  • Arranger – “I will simply re-organize myself.”

  • Belief – “Working from home, closer to my family…yeah!”

  • Consistency – “Let me check on the policy and procedure regarding working from home.”

  • Deliberative – “I already prepared for this, I knew the risks.”

  • Discipline – “With structure, routine and order I will be fine.”

  • Focus – “Yes! My best way to get things done: isolation.”

  • Responsibility – “Not coping with your workload? Give it to me, I got this.”

  • Restorative – “We need to fix this.”

The Influencers

  • Activator – “Come on people, let’s get going! Stop worrying and just do it!”

  • Command – “Follow my lead and you will be safe, this is a great challenge to face.”

  • Communication – “Who else can I talk to about this?”

  • Competition – “I wonder who will find a cure first?”

  • Maximizer – “Great opportunity to step up our standards a few notches and we will be fine.”

  • Self-Assurance – “I’ve got this.”

  • Significance – “I wonder how we can incorporate this into our branding?”

  • Woo – “I can handle getting infected….just not getting isolated!”

The Relationals

  • Adaptability – “At least at home I can procrastinate as I like! Love the pressure.”

  • Developer – “We will beat this one small step at a time.”

  • Connectedness – “This all makes sense, we are all connected.”

  • Empathy – “I feel so sorry for the people who have to cope with this…”

  • Harmony – “If we stay calm, and stick together, all will be okay.”

  • Includer – “As long as we all stick together, this is no problem.”

  • Individualization – “Let me see what others need me to do for them.”

  • Positivity – “It will all turn out for the best! This is an opportunity for some great new things!”

  • Relator – “I am so relieved….no crowds and gatherings! Only my own humans close to me.”

The Thinkers

  • Analytical – “Don’t believe anything you read. Get the facts from reliable sources. Stay rational.”

  • Context – “Numerous generations before us went through worse than this. Let’s learn from them.”

  • Futuristic – “I saw this coming, and I am already beyond this in my mind.”

  • Ideation – “There are so many new ideas I have that will align brilliantly in this time!”

  • Input – “What else can I read and research on this, so I can share it with others?”

  • Intellection – “Social distancing = more time to think… excellent!”

  • Learner – “I can use this time to upskill myself!”

  • Strategic – “I have many options on the best way to handle this.”

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