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Reality Check: Managing your Strengths

Positive Psychology introduced the idea of self love in a whole new light, asking the question, what is right with people, places, things and how can we make more of that “rightness” instead of focusing on the flaws and trying to fix them which is where traditional psychology tends to directs its focus instead.

This is all lovely until you get to know your strengths and what you do well, then you sit with the next step, investing what is needed to master that strength, but how?.

As Strength coaches, something we encounter a lot are clients seeking the “quick fix” which we have all become so accustomed to within the instant gratification our societal norms and systems provide us with on a daily basis. The problem is, there is no “One size fits all” approach with regards to the management of the different Strengths.

Let’s explore this in an example;

A person who has a result of Strategic within their top 10 results will manage their strategic much differently than a peer that also has Strategic result high up in their report. But why? And Why is there no set approach that can work for both individuals? Because essentially Strategic is Strategic, it will decide and act fast for both. So what is the catch?

The first element to consider are the dynamics between the multiple strengths, the dynamics of different talents within a top 10 mix will influence the two different strategics with different input sources, different types of value alignment, different execution styles amongst other aspects effecting each differently. Dynamics alone will make some talents or Strengths appear differently.

Thus, no one size fits all, but then how do you manage your respective strengths? Well, in the world of Strengths, we add Knowledge and Skills to the respective Strengths which enhances their performance, but guiding your talent with confidence in a sustainable manner, requires a third ingredient, and this is experience.

Experience, no person can give you but yourself. So, here are some easy starting steps to managing your Strengths to help ensure you apply the required knowledge, Skill and experience needed to truly master your Strengths. Once you start asking all the questions such as, what different Strengths do I have and what do they need?. How are these needs being met? How are they not being met? What can you do differently to meet these needs? What boundaries do you put in place for your different Strengths? How will you keep track of your progress?... it can get overbearing and too much to keep up with. So here are 3 condensed steps to consider:

  1. Identify your Strengths

If you are struggling with managing your strengths and reading this article, you have probably done step one. But if not, a good starting point would be to identify these. There are many tools available to do so, but the most accurate results we tend to find are with the results generated through the Clifton StrengthFinder Assessment tool.

2. Verify and affirm your Strengths

Before you want to start managing your Strengths, get to know them first! Know what your Strengths like and dislike, what energises them and what drains them, especially focusing on what they will need in order to play out to their full potential. This step is easily covered by following up on your Clifton StrengthFinder Assessment with an Awareness Session guided by a qualified Strengths Coach. If you have had an awareness session with a Strengths Coach, then you can fully rely on the coach to guide the rest of the process, especially if you ask them to take you on a full Strengths journey.

3. Build on your Strengths !

This step is easiest when approached with the assistance of a Strength Coach, they can guide you by asking the right questions in order for you to build a structure that uniquely accommodates your Strengths and their respective dynamics. The coach can help you stay accountable for your growth and keeping track of that progress.

There is no set way to get to know yourself and grow, but we can confidently say that the Strengths journey has surely helped millions out there and can do the same for you. We have the following motto for a reason;

A well-managed talent becomes a strength and A mis-managed talent becomes a detriment.

If you want to start your Strengths journey, we can help! Have a look at what Strength Synergy offers on our SERVICES page or CONTACT us if you have any questions.

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