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LEVEL 1: Launching the Art of Strengths Coaching
LEVEL 2: Enhancing the Art of Strengths Coaching
LEVEL 3: Mastering the Art of Strengths Coaching
Strengths-BASED workshops


Liesel Teversham, London, UK.

“I've attended 3 powerful Strengths courses/workshops presented by Dries Lombaard. My whole life, and my business, have changed for the better as a result.I've come away from each workshop experience with deeper insight, inspiration, self-knowledge, understanding and compassion for the human condition - and the wonderful ways in which we can enjoy life by utilizing our strongest talents.  Dries is truly a Maximizer of people and it's a privilege to have learned from him."

Manie Bosman, Pretoria, SA.

"True to his nature as a "maximizer," Dries has had a tremendous positive impact on the development journey of many who has crossed paths with him over the years. At various stages of my own development as a leader and leadership developer Dries has been the catalyst for deeper insight and further growth. Drawing from a wide knowledge base, keen insight, great creative abilities, and passion for people; Dries has the ability to inspire, equip and motivate on an exceptional level. Add to this his firm values-based approach, and I can state that it is really a privilege to recommend him."

Gavin Lund, Johannesburg, SA.

"I have come to know Dries over the past few years and can wholeheartedly advocate his absolute passion for growing people and strengthening teams. He is a true master in his field and I am often amazed by the wealth of knowledge he has. As a Strengths coach, Dries has become a mentor for me and he is a man I highly respect. Anyone wanting to maximize themselves or their team would be smart to involve Dries."

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