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Low on energy? Tap into your talents!

Updated: Feb 16, 2021


“There is one sure way to identify your greatest potential for strength: Step back and watch yourself for a while. Try an activity and see how quickly you pick it up, how quickly you skip steps in the learning and add twists and kinks you haven't been taught yet. See whether you become absorbed in the activity to such an extent that you lose track of time. If none of these has happened after a couple of months, try another activity and watch, and another. Over time your dominant talents will reveal themselves, and you can start to refine them into a powerful strength.” (Donald O. Clifton)


Do you have the natural energy to spend time with people in an emotional setting?

- That's a natural talent.

Do you have the natural energy to spend time analysing numbers, patterns or data?

- That’s a natural talent.

Do you have the natural energy to finish everything you start, no

matter what the circumstance?

- That's a natural talent.

Do you have the natural energy to come up with brand new ideas,

to brainstorm and to be creative with your mind?

- That's a natural talent.

Do you have the natural need to research, gather information,

read and collect interesting stories or facts?

- That's a natural talent.

Talent is not mere ability. Talent is sustainability.

The fact that you can do something, even do it very well, is not a measure of talent at all. That is, at best, an indication of skill. Talent is measured by your sustainable endurance to keep on engaging with aligned activities in an above-average manner of performance and passion.

One of the most common "mistakes" that we make as individuals, and especially as managers, leaders, parents or mentors, is to confuse talent and skill. Understanding and recognizing the difference between these two important concepts are crucial when you want to set yourself up - or assist or encourage someone else - to develop, grow and achieve.

Within our culture and our common language, we confuse skill and talent as being the same. We would make observations like "That boy is extremely talented. He scored three goals in the game this morning." Or we would look at any performance within sport, art, or life overall and be amazed at the "talent" we observe, when what we observe is actually skill... although built mostly on talent.

My own, basic definition of talent, is the following:

“Talent is an inherent drive, energy or longing that fuels and energizes your body, mind or soul to achieve, excel, accomplish or master any specific skill or ability within an area of passion or interest that you identify with”.

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